Who Are We?


Who are we? 
LONE CLOTHING CO is an AUSTRALIAN Surf brand founded in 2016 located in Newcastle NSW.
We have a shop in Redhead where we design and print all of our shirts.
We Support a heap of local surfers around Newy and Australia along with supporting Charity events and Competitions in the area. 
We love Surfing, Coffee, Beer and Good vibes.
Have a read of afew articles that have been done on us:
Hunter Hunter : https://www.hunterhunter.com.au/newcastle/lone-clothing-co
Newcastle Herald : https://www.theherald.com.au/story/5174274/lone-wolf-gets-break/
Come visit!!  111 Cowlishaw St Redhead, NSW 2290 

We ship all around AUSTRALIA for FREE! 
We have AFTERPAY! 

Lone CO xx